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Bullet Force: Is It Any Good Or Not?

Every time when we log in to the app store we get to see new games added to the list. Well, that’s because every day some or the other game is being introduced in the market. In today’s time, the gaming industry is one of the biggest industries out there. Whether it be a mobile game or a console game or a PC game, games are loved by all and this is one of the biggest reasons that the gaming industry is continuing to prosper.

Speaking of games, there are several games out there. But not every game can win your heart. If you love to play shooting games then, you must have heard about the game Bullet Force. Today, in this article we are going to discuss how good the game of Bullet Force is.

What is it all about?

For the ones who have never heard about Bullet Force, well it’s a firstperson shooting game where players try to kill each other with the help of the weapons that are found in the game. The game features a lot of killing and bloodshed which can give you a full adrenaline rushes if, you are too much into these types of games. You can also customize your weapon in the game the way you want. Your main objective is to stay alive in the game and also to kill other players so that you can be the last one standing and that’s how you can win the game.

You will be surprised to know that this game was designed by a graduate student named Lucas Wilde when he was only 18 years old. The fact that the game was developed by a young developer, he exactly knew what other players could have loved in a shooting game.

Is it any good?

After knowing about the game, now it is the time to judge whether the game is good enough or not. Well, in the game you make use of the modern weapons and engage in fights that take place in locations such as in a city or a forest. In order to play such games, it is always better to have a keyboard or a controller so that you can comfortably play the game. The game comes with different modes including the single player mode where you can fight against the bots otherwise it is a multi-player game. The main problem with the game is that it is mobile based and therefore, the controls may feel a little awkward for the players. Other than this the game is otherwise fairly good and can be played. The game also has many other interesting features that you will get to know once you start playing the game. Throughout the game, you will need to use a bullet force hack if you want the best weapons.

Well, now that you know so much about the game, it is completely your decision that whether you want to play the game or not. For some, it may great while for others it may just another shooting game.

Strategize your game with Clash Royale cheats

If you are up for playing a game “Clash Royale” is the one developed by the supercell and was first available on 4th January 2016 on Android and iOS platforms.

Clash Royale is a mobile game, but it can also be played on windows 10/8/7 or your MAC book. You might be told that you will be banned from playing and the supercell itself does not support you in case if you come across any issues on PC. But you do not need their support until and unless you are smart enough to play the game without getting into any issues.

Clash Royale is a strategic game and is a card based game where the gaming skills of the person make all the difference. It is a new version of clash of clans, but still, the clash of clans makes most of it. For people, those who have played COC a lot might find CR (clash Royale) better as in it is less addictive, and you are always rewarded when you open the chest giving a gap of 4-6hours.

Some strategies to play the game:

As a beginner do not fight with an expensive suit, go for cheap suits, unless you are using a clash royale hack tool 2018

Get units that are faster, perform well against air units, tower destroying unit.

Use cards using your fighting preference. If you are playing aggressively use units which move quickly.

You need to know your elixir averages to know the time it takes to get the cards down

Start playing once the elixir meter is full and then give your cards.

Try shielding your ranged troops with strong combats.

If you are victorious by destroying an enemy tower, you have added benefits, and your response to an enemy attack is pretty well.

If you feel that you will be defeated then send troops to the enemy turret. In case that does not help to fight a tower having little energy.

These are the few ways how you can easily play the game. If you need more gold and elixir, you can always go online and search for Clash Royale cheats but be careful not to get caught. The gems help you in opening the chests faster, obtaining gold or any timeconsuming activity. The gems are premium currency. You can use cheats once you have played the game enough.

SimCity Buildit Basic Tips

Since SimCity’s inception it has contributed a lot to the world of gaming simulators. SimCity buildit is the smart phone version of the game with less intense graphics that could be supported on smart phones. The game is highly addictive and fun to play with, however sometimes it’s hard to get to progress in the game due to a few hurdles. In order for your assured progress in SimCity buildit one needs to get by with some tips. These tips will then help you to master the game at its best. And turn even you would be able to guide people through it.
Tips for the game:

The first and foremost rule you need to keep in mind is that produce items in abundance so much so that you would be able to sell them at the trade depot. And do not worry about if anyone would by them or not, cause if anyone won’t then Daniel the robot definitely will.

The second rule to your SimCity buildit success is you keep your money in check and be very smart how you spend it or collect it, make sure you to check the offer thoroughly you are being offered for your items and if it’s worth it then and only then you make the deal. Otherwise there is always Daniel the robot to take your pick.

If you want to make production much easier for you then buy produces such as flour bags, beef, cheese, fruits and berries from the Framer’s market in the headquarters. It is going to make things much easier for you.

Ok, so this tip in the new simcity buildit tool helps you to work efficiently since the beginning. The first few measures could be really crucial for you in game success make mistakes in this stage and your entire progress would be jeopardized. Absolutely do not build more than you can afford and it won’t be really bad for your progress if you demolish certain buildings that you can’t support early on in the game.

These are the most basic tips for you to save your in game money by using it efficiently and taking further steps towards progress. Remember the game needs to be played strategically

for you to construct a successful town which would make everyone drool in awe. If you follow these tips carefully and considerately then you can surely excel at the game and be a master at it.

Blazin’ Hot Video Game Gifts for 2009

As a longtime video game playing junkie that picked up video game fever with the creation of the second home video game console ever made, the Atari 2600, I as well as anyone, know a great video game or video game-related product when I see it.
Having said that, this article will give avid associated content video game enthusiasts spanning the globe, all the inside information they need to pick out – and pick up – the latest and greatest video game items that have hit the market in 2009.

With the holiday season quickly approaching – and video game junkies like myself expecting some video game product from good ‘ol Santa, let’s take a look at five of the hottest video game products to hit the market in 2009.


One day, my lovely wife Theresa came home from work going on and on about how one of her fellow co-workers had the King James version of the Bible on her Nintendo DS and movies and so forth and so on.

Well, living in the high-tech computer age we live in, I immediately went online, typing in ‘Bible on Nintendo DS’ in my Google search box. Well, let me just say readers, it was one of the best things I ever did.

One of the websites that popped up was

I immediately immersed myself in everything R4-related and eventually went online to purchase on, along with several discs that contained over 3,00 Nintendo DS games – and now, I have just about every game ever made for the Nintendo DS and can get all of the new releases at

Simply put, the R4, is a small device that uses a Micro-SD card and allows users to play games, listen to music, watch movies or read books with the greatest of ease.

With both of my children having a Nintendo DS (okay, me too) I now have the pleasure of watching all of my DVD movies, MP3’s or books, which I have formatted using this DPG converter to use on my Nintendo DS.

Simply put, I believe the R4, which is also available for the Sony PSP, is the greatest video game product that any parent or child can purchase, particularly with the prices of video games these day.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

My good friend and super-knowledgeable Schertz, Texas GameStop video game adviser, Kevin Nakamura emphatically says that Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2, which will be released on Nov 10th, “Is going to be the biggest game ever released.”

Nakamura then went on to animatedly say, “For the moment it’s going to be the pinnacle of video gaming.”

Big words from a knowledgeable video game professional.

Nintendo Wii MotionPlus

For all you Nintendo Wii junkies (like myself) the creation of the Nintendo Wii MotionPlus is a treat that goes a long way toward replicating actually 1to1 actual movement as I can attest to from firsthand knowledge.

“It actually feels like you’re finally fully interacting with the video game,” Nakamura said. “The Wii MotionPlus is the start of the next wave of revolutionary gaming.”

If you think the realistic movements of the Nintendo Wii were ingenious, just wait until you add the Wii MotionPlus, which easily attaches to the bottom of the Wii controller and really enhances the game-play of the Wii system. Of course, Nintendo is making a line of games that is compatible with the Wii MotionPlus, digging in consumers’ pocketbooks even further, but hey, that’s the video game world we live in nowadays.

Rock Band Beatles

Nakamura absolutely gushed about Rock Band Beatles, calling it “absolutely fantastic” while also saying that the latest Rock Band installment would introduce young gamers to one of the greatest bands of all-time.

“Not only are people going to see the genius of Beatles,” Nakamura said, “but it is also going to introduce the younger generation to the greatest band ever.”

If you like the music genre games that have taken off in popularity the last few years, Rock Band Beatles will be an unadulterated smash hit

Nintendo DSi

The latest version of the Nintendo DS, the DSi, is another smash hit according to Nakamura, which is only going to get better with time.

“You can do almost anything with the Nintendo DSi,” Nakamura said. “They’re [Nintendo] releasing applications for the DSi like they are for the iPhone that are easy to use and very fun. The DSi has got it all.”

So there you have it video gamers – or parents of video gamers, the most incendiary video game gifts on the market for 2009.

Where to Look for Wii Games Cheats

A cheat done occasionally with some computer games is necessary to enjoy the game. Since all of us wants to see the rest of the game and finish it, it becomes tiresome when we are forced to repeat a level several times because we were not successful in completing it.
The world of gaming consoles have taken a huge turn with the Nintendo Wii console. The equipment, along with a range of games, has been designed so that anyone regardless of how old they are can use and enjoy it. Today cheats are not just for those people who want to beat that high score; it now has a legitimate place in the world of gaming. Still, using a cheat is like using a double edged sword. It can equalize the playing field between two children with different abilities, and yet it can be the bone of contention amongst friends and become the element of unfairness when only one player knows the cheat codes.

Aside from entering a code, some cheats are plain walk-through. This literally tells you what you need to do in the game to gain access to secret levels and the solution to the puzzles, while others only provide hints to the games secrets. Still, these in formations are invaluable in situations where you find yourself in a dead end and have no idea what to do next. Cheats for all gaming consoles vary with the level of the cheat, and the same goes with the cheats for Wii games. There will always be someone who would like to finish a game without trying to solve at least some of the secrets, but still, others would prefer to finish the game using their own knowledge and abilities.

Cheat codes for the Wii games can be found on many websites on the internet. There are websites solely for publishing cheat codes and walk through, and there are also those that include forums. Keen gamers usually meet up in these forums to discuss certain aspects of various games, including the good, the bad and the ugly side. In these forums many cheats and hints are being revealed that are not readily available on other sites, which in turn are very subtle to the point that they only allow you access to a different part of the game and still retains that competitive element that gives you the satisfaction of playing with gamesmanship. Spend some time on these sites and you will always be up to date with all the latest games and products. Within this tight forum community, you will be able to get hold of cheats for any game system.

Remember, whatever level of cheats you use, it will always allow you to experience a whole new excitement while playing your favorite Wii game. At any rate, you should always keep in mind that you use the cheats that benefits the game play, not just to polish up your damaged ego.