Getting More Coins in the Game Hay Day

Every game has different ways to level up through the game. Some games have the method of collecting diamonds to level up while some have the collection of coins to level up. However, the game hay day has the method of collecting coins. There are different ways to collect coins in the game hay day. The following are some of the best and easiest ways to level up through the game.

Harvesting the Crops and have Profits

First of all you have to collect coins in the game hay day when you will collect coins and then purchase different animals, crops, and other equipment which would help you to make the game easy. You have to plant and harvest crops constantly in order to make the stream of coins. You can click on the shops which are on the road side to make coins by selling them your crops. You can also sell your crops to other users of the game. The game is setting the price autonomously for the goods that you want to sell and the values of the prices can also be changed by making the use of the arrows of the game. You are suggested to grow the crops which are making a long time to grow by the time when you are not playing. Grow crops which grow instantly when you are playing the game, you can do this by using a hay day hack which can be used online.

Fill Orders Making Money for You

You have to fill those orders only which are making money for you. You don’t have to take the quest that will not help you to make instant coins. You are not required to be worried of saying no to any of the orders. You can make more coins by filling perfect orders.

Advantage of Special Events

The game is offering special advantages at some events that are incurring while you are playing the game. These events are perfect opportunity for you to make good coins. The events are such as the visitor bonus event which makes good bonuses for you. The amount of the coins is double as per normal routine. Some other events are the Halloween, Christmas, and Easter etc.

Buy in Bulk from the Newspapers

By the time when you are having the dealing with the newspapers, you have to make a stack of 5 pickaxes. You can buy these things in bulk and then sell by the time you need coins.

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