LG Vu CU920 AT&T; TV Phone Review

AT T; has made viewing TV on your mobile phone possible by introducing the LG Vu CU920 TV phone. Now, mind you, the LG Vu is just not a TV phone. Neither is it a smartphone. It is a high-end phone that does all a smartphone does plus more. AT T; launched another phone along with the LG Vu, and that is the Samsung Access A827. The LG Vu is therefore directly compared to the Access and indirectly to the iPhone. Why the iPhone? The Vu is compared to the iPhone because it is the sibling of LG’s Prada, a contemporary of the iPhone.
Entertainment Galore

Firstly, let’s not get into comparison mode but let’s see what the Vu can do for you. Mobile wars are here to stay. One must first ascertain if a certain phone meets your purpose without being carried away by these wars. With the Vu you can watch up to 10 channels that include CNN, NBC, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Sony Pictures. You must have noticed that the categories include news, music, entertainment, children and movies. AT T; uses Qualcomm’s MediaFLOW technology to bring you 24 hours non-stop entertainment. In order to receive this service you must be in the 58 U.S. cities which include NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston. There is a $10 subscription amount that you must pay AT T; for its MediaFLOW service. You do not require a data plan or 3G network coverage to enjoy this facility. The TV reception is excellent and break-free. If you live on the fringes, you can pull up the Vu’s external antenna for better reception. Yes, if you wish to have access to AT T;’s CV streaming service, there is a fee of $15.

Rich Features

Besides watching TV you can experience 3G telephony and browse the internet using the HSDPA/ EDGE technology, listen to MP3s, watch CV streaming videos, shoot and share videos, write emails, chat, take pictures, connect to your PC or laptop wirelessly using Bluetooth or via USB cable and experience dial-up networking. You can also store photos and music on the external microSD memory card. The Vu has a large touch screen that works and responds without any lag, and the haptic response is excellent. Unlike many touch screen phones, the Vu has two slim send and receive buttons and a back button that makes life easier. The animated icons on the screen allow access to all important functions. You can scroll and zoom by different finger actions, type on the on-screen QWERTY during emailing and IM sessions and use number pad for dialing a number.

Vu and Access

How does the LG Vu compare to the Samsung Access? Well, the Vu has a bigger 3″ touch screen as compared to the 2.3″ non-touch screen of Access. The Vu is lighter with 3.16 ounces against the 3.46 ounces of the Access. The Vu has a 2MP autofocus video recording camera while the Samsung has a 1MP non-autofocus camera. Although the Access cannot match-up against the looks and features of the Vu, it costs just $199 against the Vu’s $299, and is good if you want TV with some basic functions. But if you are looking for class, the Vu is the one to go in for.

Vu and iPhone

Just like its younger cousin, the Prada, the Vu is often compared to the iPhone. Although the Vu and the iPhone have some similarities such as the big touch screens and the elegant frames, there are a few things that the Vu can do that the iPhone cannot, and the same works in the reverse. While the iPhone lacks the HSDPA 3G technology, video shooting capabilities, voice dialing, Bluetooth dial-up networking, IM client and other features that Vu specializes in, it definitely has the best UI and web browser on earth. Moreover its iTunes connection is what every cell phone maker wants. The Vu is a hundred bucks cheaper than the iPhone and is a high-end business and entertainment phone. So, as I mentioned before, comparisons apart, the end user has learnt to cut the hype and go in for the phone that meets his needs.

To conclude, the Vu delivers what it promises and the price tag is not too much for what it is offering. On the downside, the microSD card slot is located below the battery, which is inconvenient. If you want to buy the Vu just for its features and not for TV, you can buy the LG Vu CU915 which is a CU920 without TV, and comes at a much lower cost.

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