Undoubtedly, Free Fire Battlegrounds is the best game

Well, even after playing Free Fire Battleground for some time you are not convinced. Don’t be disheartened. It is quite normal with this real battle game where each fighter is trying to kill the rest. There might be some areas of the game which still requires mastering. But for this reason, you require a good practice of this game. Tough few suggestions and tip can be a great help for the gamers, but the real mastering depends on practice and practice only. While the game might be free, remember that custom outfits, skins, etc are only obtainable by buying diamonds or using a free fire battlegrounds hack apk.

Understand the meaning of Red

While playing Free Fire Battlegrounds you have definitely noticed that sometime in your sight changes into color red. Though it remains in a couple of seconds but happens many times during fighting. You must know the reason for this color changing. This red color means that some enemy has come in your target and if you do not delay to pull the trigger you can hit one opponent. This is applicable both in the regular and aiming mode. So whenever your sight changes red, be sure that you can hit one enemy. Although this shot does not guarantee that you can kill one enemy as it is not cent percent possible that you will hit on the opponent’s head. So the opponent may survive, but there would some damage to the fighter’s health.

Use the vehicle for the movement

If you are moving from one zone to another all by yourself, then you are exposing yourself for some time. This is not desirable as enemies will get a chance to make a shot at you. Even if you don’t die there is a great chance that you damage your health to some extent. Recovery would take some time. So always for your movement using one vehicle when you are moving away from the firing area or going to some specific location. But again moving with the vehicle makes sound and others get clues that you are moving with the vehicle. Hence, when the area has not shortened you can use the vehicle for fast movement. When every fighter is trying to kill each other you can use a vehicle as the probability of noticing your movement by other fighter is very less. But when the area has shortened to a great extent and only a few fighters have remained the use of the vehicle would easily attract the attention of other remaining fighters. So in the latter part of the game do not use the vehicle.

Movement can give safety

Most of the players have a common tendency of standing at one particular point during combat. This happens that most of them are fighting the battle when they are playing Free Fire Battlegrounds from their mobile. In this to move and fire at the same time is not feasible. But when you are using Blue Stacks you can fire even when you are running by using the keyboard and mouse together. This is a great advantage. Use the keyboard to move and apply mouse clicking to shoot. Definitely is these tips are utilized the fighter would improve his chances of becoming the last survivor.

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